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Matrix Homeserver

There was a matrix homeserver at https://matrix.equwal.com. To use it, connect with your client (or use a web-client at https://app.element.io) and set that URL in the "homeserver" field. If you don't want to use my homeserver, you can use https://matrix.org or something.

Why You Should Care

Matrix is a non-dystopian chat option. While it is extremely bloated and complex, it has everything you want. The biggest feature is that it is a meta-chat protocol, so other protocols are easily bridged into and out of matrix chat. So instead of needing a bunch of chat clients, you just open your Matrix client. It supports 1-on-1 VoIP currently even! Most clients look like IRC clients or like your standard run-of-the-mill Electron bloat-engine (eg. Discord).


  • end-to-end encrypted messages by default
  • open source servers and not just the client
  • censorship-proof when it comes to getting banned from Discord/etc.
  • bridges are a big deal
My matrix username is @equwal:matrix.equwal.com send me messages!

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