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Unanglo your literacy materials (and your life)
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Unanglo your literacy materials (and your life)

Russians hang out around the fire and debate in the film Сталкер

Anglo (read: culturally English) material has been in a siloed environment for 150 years, making the literature often times a bit strange and self-referential. Film has fared even worse, with Hollywood going completely off the deep end in the past decade.

Should we stop reading books and watching films? That would be illiterate. This is not recommended. Films contain the level of vocabulary as serious literature, and are actually instructive to literacy (while TV shows usually lack such vocabulary, being more focused on simple colloquial dialogue).

Here we have a multi-step process so the reader can de-anglo himself:

Remove anglo content delivery

Streaming services, your local library, and advertising are all anglo content delivery when located in the anglosphere. These should be disabled. While these content delivery methods could in principle be used to de-anglo, they tend to be cleverly designed to curtail such uses. To de-anglo, acquire/download any content before consuming it.

Remove daily anglo interactions

Such daily anglo can come from watching television (don't watch TV), viewing advertising (install an adblocker) or reading Anglo literature (read continental literature instead). Do not consume Hollywood film. De-anglo. If in a city in California, avoid local people entirely.

Discover a cultural sphere by procuring content originally in a specific language other than English

  • Some easier options from Europe are: Spanish, French, German, Swedish, Italian
  • Some harder options are: Russian, Finnish, Czech, Persian (no copyright!)
  • Some god-tier options are: Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Arabic (Egyptian)
  • Truly archaelogical optins: Piraha, Kabyle, Zulu

Access the culture before you access the language

Put the subtitles on, read a translation. The goal is to understand the way of thinking and cultural ideas, which will make the next step much easier. After all, the reason why one must de-anglo is to avoid toxic anglo ideology.

Access the language to truly unlock the culture

The final step is to start interacting with the materials directly in the language they are in. This will lead to difficulty understanding for a long time, but consistently leads to language acquisition and mastery.

Actually access the culture

The final step is to interact with real humans who live and breathe this cultural sphere which took so long to come to an understanding of. The anglo's soul is only truly cleansed when present, incognito, in the cultural environment, "just like it was in English".

Maintain the anglo to deanglo the anglo

It's important to still read in English in order to retain a high level of literacy. High literacy can be lost in any language, even a native one. Remember, the solution is not to be illiterate in order to de-anglo, it is to re-home with a saner cultural choice. This is why american prison blacks often famously convert to Islam while incarcerated.

Idiocracy ending history lesson.
The UN UN-angloed the world.

Further Reading

Check out the AJATT website for a method to truly deanglo: xm0.co mirror

The re-homed anglo is in a unique position to have a deep enough understanding of his native language to translate important materials from his new language into the anglo, thus making a small dent in de-angloing the anglo. This is recommended.

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